8 Simple Home Improvement Ideas You Can do Today

Your home is your haven. After a tiring work day, you can come home to your lovely home. You may even like showing it around when you invite friends over for some drinks or just to hang out. Having a presentable home would make you look good and your friends won’t think twice to come over when you invite them again.

You might get tired of what your home looks like so you’re considering making some changes or improvements.

The good news is that you don’t need to go as far as hiring a professional to do the work.

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your home.

1. Clean up

Powers wash the exterior of your home; this will bring out its real color. Regularly clean the high ceilings and chandeliers. Change the linens and towels. A clean house from floor to ceiling will brighten up your home immensely.

2. Repaint the wall with neutral colors

A simple paint job can bring magic to your home. Neutral colors are good on the eyes and can calm your nerves. Imagine it around your house and you’re feeling good already.

3. Good landscape

Don’t forget your yard. Good landscaping gives your home a better image and presentation. Neighbors will always admire a good landscaping and may even ask for your advice to make theirs better.

4. Recarpet your floor

Recarpeting can be expensive but can be well worth it if your carpet is outdated or dirty. If new carpet is out of your budget, steam cleaning the floor can freshen up the flooring and return it to a better looking state than before.

5. Use small tiles on kitchen walls and bathroom

If your old tiles are already showing chips and mold it’s time to change them. Installing small tiles will make it last longer. It won’t look as dirty as bigger tiles are. Neutral colored tiles are a good choice.

6. Add scented candles

Putting scented candles throughout your home will make your home a more relaxing place. You can put scented candles on the bedside table and around your living room. Put some also in your bathroom. Use candles as a center piece on your tables. Using candles on your outdoor tables will get rid of mosquitoes.

7. Bring in some plants

Give your home a fresh look. Plants are a way of bringing fresh air into your home. Indoor plants are low maintenance, like succulents that only needs to be watered once a month.

8. Organize your things

Organizing your drawers will allow you to find your things easier. Organizers like small baskets can be fitted inside your drawers. Use hooks; you can use it to hang keys, necklaces and other jewelry. Paint the baskets and hooks before installing them. Try to match your organizer’s color to the main color theme of your home.

You may have thought your home can’t get better than what it is now. Start with a clean up. Add some plants and scented candles. Just follow the concept or theme for your home. If you decide to use neutrals or earth tones, every room in your home should have it. It’s amazing what these eight improvement tips will do to your home afterwards.